Merrie Shinder

Merrie Shinder, owner and designer of Canopy Designs, is a woman  devoted to creating beautiful and unique designs in home accessories, lighting and jewelry.  A one-woman design powerhouse, her ideas come from a love of color and a play of unexpected materials.  Glistening beads, stones and cameos found most often in jewelry find their way into  her chandeliers, candelabra, wall sconces and  tabletop creations.  

Motivated by a desire to break away from a day job she found too limiting, Merrie began her company  17 years ago from her dining room table.  Today she runs a company just outside Manhattan where she employs twenty-five  people dedicated to producing her designs known for their close attention to detail and painstaking handiwork.  She sells to retail stores, interior designers, architects and is featured in high-end catalogues all over the world.

 ”I am most proud of the quality of work and variation of colors I am able to offer my customers  by manufacturing my product right here in New York.  Since most of my staff has grown with the company there is  also a strong sense of family and pride at the company.”

Merrie is a graduate of Emory University where she majored in the History of Art.  After graduating she attended the New York School of Interior Design.  She resides in Manhattan with her dog, Augusta.